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        Urgent need for environmental protection
 The national exhaust emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles account for 85% of China’s air pollution, and the carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants account for 34% of the national carbon emissions. The popularization of fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen energy power plants provides an ideal solution for my country to ease the pressure on environmental protection.
      Guarantee of achieving the carbon neutral goal
President Xi’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in China by 2060 means that from 2020 to 2060, if the current annual carbon emission level of 16 billion tons is maintained, we must provide an equivalent amount of clean energy to neutralize carbon emissions. The large-scale promotion of hydrogen energy applications will greatly guarantee my country's realization of this goal.
        The backbone of China's energy transition
 From the promotion of distributed energy to the development of electric vehicles, from the clean energy innovation to the application of new energy, hydrogen energy has become the main force in the use of new energy by virtue of its clean, high-efficiency, and zero-emission advantages. The application of hydrogen energy covers many fields such as electric power, communication, transportation, education, medical treatment, science and technology, military, etc., which will surely bring great vitality to China's energy transition.
3 reasons to choose hydrogen energy

Technical advantages
The company's technical team is composed of returned technical personnel with 25 years of experience in hydrogen energy product development, with mature and complete technical reserves, and rich system development experience in the fields of PEM, high temperature PEM, SOFC, reforming hydrogen and other fields. The team adheres to a scientific and rigorous work attitude from heat and mass transfer calculations, chemical system design, electronic control system optimization, and overall system simulation to ensure the one-time success of system demonstration, construction, design and finished products.
Product line advantage
The company adheres to the product development concept of understanding customer needs, digging deep into the scene details, improving efficiency goals, scientific design and development, optimizing component selection, strict control of production quality, and strengthening of knowledge protection to ensure that products not only meet customer requirements, but also continuously improve functions and performance , At the same time establish the product development concept of reserve generation, research and development generation and production generation.

Talent advantage
The company's team consists of overseas returned scientists as the core, and domestic young and middle-aged technical developers as the backbone. It constantly trains and trains new technical talents and builds a three-generation unity and cooperative technical team to maintain strong technological innovation vitality and product development capabilities. Through teamwork, the company has applied for more than 30 technical patents and 27 have been approved.
Five directions for hydrogen production from fuels to solve the bottleneck problem of hydrogen energy utilization
In the past 6 years, deep concentration in research and development Energy solutions
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