Xuzhou Minghuan Energy Co Ltd

公司地址:江蘇省徐州市經濟開發區廟山路1號新微半導體加速器 聯系電話:173-1220-0248 聯系郵箱:mh@mhfuelcells.com
重整制氫系統 Hydrogen Generator
燃料電池電堆 Fuel Cell Stack
單電池測試設備 - Single Cell Test Station
陶瓷-金屬組件-Ceramic-metal components
技術咨詢服務-Technical Consulting Service

With years of technical accumulation and rich experience of the technical team in hydrogen energy product development and system integration, we can provide users with complete hydrogen energy products or hydrogen energy system consulting services. According to the actual situation of the user, a solution can be proposed, and product development or system integration can be completed. Including fuel cell power generation system, fuel cell cogeneration system, multi-fuel reforming hydrogen production system (mixed hydrogen or pure hydrogen) and other projects.