Xuzhou Minghuan Energy Co Ltd

    As a professional fuel cell product and system development company, Xuzhou Minghuan Energy Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing China's leading hydrogen energy power products and multifunctional reforming equipment, while providing customers with comprehensive hydrogen energy thermoelectric solutions.
     The products cover fixed, mobile and portable applications, mainly including main power systems, backup power systems, cogeneration systems, hydrogen energy equipment testing and debugging systems, and distributed thermal power management systems. At the same time, the company also provides hydrogen energy technology consulting and turnkey engineering solutions.     In 2020, Xuzhou Minghuan Energy Co., Ltd. developed China's first methanol reforming solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) cogeneration system, gasoline and diesel solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power generation system, and natural gas solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) domestic leading new energy products such as cogeneration systems. The series of products can be widely used in many fields such as communication, transportation, electric power, medical treatment, education, environmental protection (solid waste, kitchen waste heat and power).     The company not only has mature and complete hydrogen energy-related technical reserves, but also strengthens the establishment and protection of intellectual property rights. Currently, 33 patent applications have been completed and 27 have been approved.     Xuzhou Minghuan Energy Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard to promote the development of hydrogen energy in my country, improve the efficiency of electricity generation in the whole society, and promote the comprehensive utilization of thermal power energy.